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I took a walk…

…tonight as I am sure (in addition to my insomnia) I was suffering from cabin fever having been bedridden yesterday and a large portion of today and let me tell you, there is all manor of crazy on the streets at these hours. What’s more, they all seemed to want to talk to ME!
I stopped in to get a hot chocolate and the clerk must have been bored out of his mind because he felt the need to strike up a most asinine chat with me. I couldn’t escape fast enough. I was talked to by every drunken hobo along the way (didn’t matter that I was wearing my headphones) and when I finally got down to the waterfront, there were a hundred couples loitering, kind of killing the magic.
So then I walked back home and now I’m here, just remembering a rat scurrying out of a trash bin on the street as I threw my empty hot chocolate cup in. #creeps

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